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Graffiti Software for PHP - allows users to scribble to a board in a guest-book fashion.

  B-Scribbles strives to improve any PHP webpage. The transparent integration is painless to configure and install. Once in place, any visitor will be able to 'scribble'(post) to a board using a simple, non obtrusive interface. Best of all, the software is freely provided under the GPL.

  Requirements: PHP with XML support compiled in (expat extension)

   » 07/21/03 - Version 1.2.0 released!
     This is primarily a bugfix release for version 1.1. The silly navigation behavior should be fixed and some validation + wordwrapping has been introduced. It is *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* that you upgrade to this release if you've downloaded 1.1. For more detail, check the Changelog

   » 07/19/03 - B-Scribbles 1.1 released!
     Lots of improvement with this new release. A history file has been created, and older entries are no longer dumped. Instead, a navigation bar has been added to view through all the old posts. I birthed a new XML database technology around this. It should be EXTREMELY FAST, and capable of going through very large files. I'm looking forward to posting benchmark results vs. a mySQL version + vs. traditional parsing of flat files (reading while file to an array). Enjoy!!

   » 04/04/03 - B-Scribbles 1.0b released as public beta
    Today marks the initial public release of B-Scribbles! Please mail me if you have any questions, suggestions or success stories! Development will continue at SourceForge. In the future I hope to add database versions (mySQL, pgSQL, etc) using the PEAR architecture and to perform benchmarks between them.

  Developers: Visit the bScribbles SourceForge Page Logo


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